Customisation options

Semi-custom systems - Non-standard systems at standard prices

Our products are often constructed from a "core" of standard products. These can be combined to produce a very good match to your requirements both technical and financial.

The ability to configure a system that would be considered non-standard and therefore unavailable from many suppliers yet have the security of a single source of supply, has proven to be very attractive to our customers.

Broad product spectrum means great flexibility

Customer systems can be configured from a broad spectrum of components that address a wide range of application areas, many of which are simply not addressed by other manufacturers.

Full-custom systems - Exactly what you need

What if your application requires a system that is not addressed by any product on the market at the moment? Perhaps you want greater control over the design of your product? Again, this is where AMC can help.

Our capabilities go far beyond supplying standard rackmount systems or system components. Our in-house design resources enable us to undertake original electronic, software and mechanical design that can help you to achieve the product that sets you apart from the rest.

AMC aim to give you the competitive edge in the market.

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AMC carries ANAB Certification