AMC's new PIAGP System

Provides AGP slot capability between CPU card and Passive Backplane configuration

Most PICMG CPU cards are equipped with an onboard VGA function but, due to limitations in board sizes as well as cost considerations, these cards have been unable to offer a graphics quality that sufficiently meets user expectations. The AMC-AGP-815EV and the AMC-AGP-845EV are PIAGP single board computers. Through our series of PCIAGP/PXAGP backplanes, theses SBCs can communicate with PCI, ISA and AGP buses. This enables users to exploit the high slot availability that backplane technology offers, whilst still being able to run a high quality AGP VGA card.

The advantages of using this series ot PIAGP cards are numerous:

  1. Supports standard AGP version 2.0 slots on the PCIAGP/PXAGP series passive backplane
  2. Compatible with all available AGP cards.
    PCIAGP/PXAGP backplanes are also integrated with the PICMG PCI/ISA CPU card slot. This means both traditional PICMG form factor CPU cards and our new AGP series if CPU cards are supported
  3. When using a card from our AGP series, users can install a PISA-kit01 PCI-to-ISA conversion module on the PCIAGP/PXAGP backplane to enable the ISA slots to function
  4. PCIAGP/PXAGP backplanes also provide and IDE RAID controller option. With the backplane RAID controller, users can assemble highly reliable industrial PC storage system without any change to the CPU card configuration

PCIAGP and PXAGP Series Backplane Features

  • The PIAGP system concept design supports PCI, ISA and AGP slots, all on one backplane
  • Supports AGP Specification 2.0 and has future support of AGP specifications for AGP 8x
  • 6-layer PCB designed to exceed high speed AGP signal requirements
  • Selected models provide a PIAGP and PICMG slot so offer increased flexibility by allowing integration with both traditional and SAGP series CPU board
  • An optional PCI to ISA interface module (PISA-Kit) ensures support of the ISA slot function when using an SAGP Series CPU board

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  • Mounting holes are compatible with current PCI/PX backplanes so can easily be replaced in your current chassis with no modification required
Other features include:
  • Optional IDE RAID controller
  • Supports JBOD (spanning). RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 0/1 (striping/mirroring)
  • Offers sustained data transfer under RAID 0 of up to 100MB/sec
  • Supports up to two arrays with different RAID levels
  • Supports Ultra ATA-100/66/33 and EIDE drives
  • Supports hot-swap or failed drives
  • Supports hot spare
  • Offers transparent data recovery and rebuilds drive in background
  • Arrays are bootable with built in BIOS
  • Multi-boot feature allows user to select which array to boots


  • 4 layer UL 94V-0 PCB (except the BP2-S is 2 layer)
  • ISA/PCI backplane meet PICMG standard
  • Molex ISA/PCI high quality connectors
  • Mounting holes: M4.0
  • ISA/PCI backplane supports 3.3V connection
  • Power LEDs indicate +/-5V, +/-12V,+3.3V
  • Includes high quality 5-pin keyboard connection cable from CPU car to
    backplane for BP-8S, BP-12S, BP-14SD, BP-14S, PCI-8S, PCI-12S, PCI-13SD,
    PCI-14S and PCI-14SD
  • BP-15S is available which is the same size as BP-14S but no keyboard connector
    on board